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Goodbye to the working class: welcome to the universal class…Trump’s geniux pills, working class morons, inferiority complexes…

July 23rd, 2016 · No Comments


In Last and First Men I brought in the idea of the Universal Class. I was righter than I knew at the time.
I think the marxist left’s preoccupation with the ‘working class’ is out of date, as it were. And the whole focus on the working class was subtly condescending and a way to disguise the class basis of the ‘vanguard’ (as Lenin later put it) of radical activists. The working class is an abstraction and it never came through in the way intended (although the early twentieth century up to the sixties showed that component clearly enough) as revolutionary. Now the status of the working class is almost pathetic and degraded. And it is disappearing. And we should hardly regret that. Civilization is creating one Universal Class, and the focus on the ‘working class’, despite its key realities in many sectors of the global economy, is confusing the issue.
We need a general movement of all classes taken as one class in a new form of equalization, in an economy where the working class is about to disappear.

The working class was an abstraction and abstractions can’t lead revolutions. And the reality we see in Trump is the inferiority complex of the working class exploited by a complete moron like Trump who can speak from a level of equal stupidity.

Let’s face the reality: class warfare has foundered in intelligence differentials. That might be the source of handwringing in some quarters, but the concern would be misplaced. Human populations are in motion and moving to the status of a new universal class of higher intelligence and potential. We thus need not regret the passing of the working class. Behind the pathetic remnant seduced by Trump, the real core former ‘working class’ is mutating along with everyone else into a new humanity.

It is significant to watch Trump’s sense of being stupid and being suddenly intelligent (??), or so he thinks: it is ugly to watch in his case, but the working class is in general leaving behind the degraded remnants of itself to the likes of Trump as it lays the foundation for the successor to the working class.

We need a movement on the order of the marxist type prescriptions, but updated, with the idea of the Universal Class. The working class concept was subtly degrading and its failure is evident in retrospect…

Universal men of the Universal class Unite….

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