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Working class vs. the Universal Class…does the (US) left begrudge the millions of ‘lost’ jobs going to third world economies? Tough shit for the american ‘working class’…

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We have critiqued the issue of invoking the ‘working class’: http://darwiniana.com/2016/07/23/goodbye-to-the-working-class-welcome-to-the-universal-class-trump-working-class-morons-geniux-pills-inferiority-complexes/

This notion could backfire unless we see that the Universal Class includes the working ‘classes’ as multiple subsets. But such a severe wrenching of settled terminology can backfire. Our new usage is completely flexible and can be taken as a rough synonym for the ‘working class’, but at this point we are moving beyond the whole concept. But we aren’t there yet, and the real issue is the global working class, and the futile griping over the loss of american manufacturing jobs. Although gross exploitation of the third world ‘working classes’ and a cruel blow to the american brand this process of globalization has ironically, and very inefficiently extended the real field of leftist action to a real universal global class/working class.

The terminology of the ‘working class’ is so sacrosanct that we must honor it at all points but at the same time begin moving to a newer conception: we see the issue with the american working class is something more than pining over lost factory jobs. Good riddance: we must confront the type of national/international economy the left will have to create in a postcapitalist world.

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