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Sanders’ followers truly betrayed, with worse to come from Clinton…

July 25th, 2016 · No Comments


Since we are left with no options for the 2016 election, what do we do? Radicalize out of the system for good, and don’t look back. Sanders was a mirage for the system as is.
The confusion created by Sanders nonetheless leaves in its wake a few very obvious suggestions: ‘socialism’ and a ‘revolution’. Take away the quotation marks and we need not regret the muddle here at the end, and the ridiculous options offered by Trump/Clinton.
We have just seen a whole year go down the drain with as much as a potential success inside the system as we could have hoped. Instead we see a whole generation of potential socialists being trashed. Goodbye to those dumb enough to follow Sanders into the Clinton fold.

We are in reality at the endgame of a whole form of civilization and something like ‘socialism’ and a ‘revolution’ are the only real options. We should adopt a new term for ‘socialism’ (viz. our ‘market neo-communism’) and be sure we mean it if we use the term ‘revolution’. This approach generates endless resistance but after a wasted year with Sanders perhaps the light is beginning to dawn.
Revolution means a long fight for a new system. Market neo-communism is a broad concept, barely defined, allowing a balance of the many opposites befuddling leftists.
Agree or not, one can at least stand outside the casino and not throw any more good money after the bad…

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