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The turkish tragedy, the need for post-islamic secularism, and standing up to a moron like erdogan…

July 25th, 2016 · No Comments

http://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/turkey-military-coup-tayyip-erdogan-2933604/: The Battle For Turkey’s Soul

Turkey is being subjected to a tragedy of retrograde motion: from a secular triumph to a religious idiocy induced by a true moron like Erdogan. I cannot fully analyze this situation as an outsider but what I can do is speak as an outsider with the perception of the stupidity of the Islamic conservative vision. Don’t go down that route. There may be flaws in Kemalism, but it was a victory for the future in its own way and to let that slide away in the name of Islamic conservatism is going to prove the end of Turkey, the royal road to a failed state.

It is hard to those immersed in Islamic contexts to speak out, so let us speak out for them: Islam is a failed religion, and the initial efforts of Islamic cultures to move past it are now being tragically undone. But there is no going back. Especially in a culture with the basic intelligence of Turkey retrograde Islam can only be a complete waste of at most a generation.

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