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Whatever happened to the Kant community? Is the entire academic world completely brain dead?

July 28th, 2016 · 1 Comment

Kant and the Philosophy of History
The classic solution to what I call Kant’s Challenge in Kant’s classic essay on history has been out in the open for sixteen years, but Kant scholars have totally boycotted it. I used to think that might be disagreement, but over time I see that it is really that Kant has been ‘iron caged’ and put under control of a narrow perspective that is really a form of scientism. A warning Kant scholars are a bunch of fakers.
The solution to Kant’s challenge shown is a simple, elegant, and easy to verify start to a solution to the question Kant proposed. I find it baffling that such a transparent question can’t even be discussed, especially by a non-academic outsider…

One of the ways to see this is to consider what is offered instead, a deliberate effort to draw attention away from my perspective: the ‘Big History’ initiative based on a David Christian’s completely flat beer approach….now with money from Bill Gates no less.
You would think they could at least reference my material on world history. Nope, they can’t let anyone even know it exists…

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