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If buddhism crashes xtianity/islam should go with it…

July 29th, 2016 · No Comments


The place of buddhism in the current culture of ‘secularism’ was optimistically taken as a new form of modernist religion, but that was illusory: it is starting to self-recycle like most of the other Axial Age religions. And that is a challenge to prevent trivialization of a once great legacy.
Here it would be nice if the left could help, but perspectives like Zizek on ‘naturalizing buddhism’ (he’s not the source of that fallacy) show the left is going to be the religion of the Iron Cage. The secular world has to get the issues right, and that is not easy. Classic India put thousands of yogis into the field to average out the complex answers to human deep psychology but the whole tradition is going Titanic as occult predators take over everything.

Here the second rate Xtianity and Islam are simply in the way: we need to find an exit strategy, and the grotesque ‘new atheism’ approach is worse than useless.

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