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Was Sanders set up to set the left up? Mind control’s hidden perps, by no means a jewish supremacist monopoly…

July 31st, 2016 · No Comments


When some one blows it as badly as Sanders, we have to wonder…
I don’t like being a told’ya but in this case it must be a ‘third little pig’ warning: we had Bernie pegged last year for the ‘General Liquidation Sequence’, which isn’t Stalinist in our definition here. Bernie must be a mind control cold case, maybe one of Gottlieb’s sleepers, a ‘Brooklyn candidate’, cousin to but similar to a ‘Manchurian candidate’. Naw, can’t be, right?

The rest is less hoky-joky: we should become alert to mind control factors of all kinds growing apace in all forms of government…Check out details and some typical perps (by no means a jewish supremacist monopoly) at The Gurdjieff Con. The worst victims can be jews…

The Bourne films (Damon is under attack this week over a chinese film), especially the first, long ago, were a strange expose (by someone who didn’t quite get the problem) that zombies are possible, and they can run for office. I will leave the question open with Sanders: there are simpler explanations in his case. But he (unconsciously’ set up a whole movement and then nixed it. How and why?)

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