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Soft jihad… beyond the war on terror

August 1st, 2016 · No Comments

I am a student of religion and a ‘secularist’, and I am also a critic of the war on terror and I am also a critic of the Axial Age religions, which I see as passing via Reformations into a question mark future in a new epoch. I think the war on terror has so confused the issue that one might forget that there is a genuine trend toward a new future for old religions, perhaps a future beyond them.
This not the same as secular humanism or the stance of the new atheists. But I think that Islam has been caught in a retrograde motion, in part due to the covert aspect of western governments, a true disgrace to history.
I certainly denounce the war on terror (and its 9/11 false flagging by the US) but I don’t forego a secular critique of Islam (and Xtianity). That would be irresponsible, and I must offer a suggestion that attempts to forestall change here are sandcastles in the tide.
The Islamic world is far closer to the secular than one might think, but the agony of Reformation won’t go away, although it can be accelerated. Don’t confuse this with the already degenerated modernity of entities like the US.

I propose a ‘soft jihad’, using the term in its real sense, as struggle against retrograde Islamic pseudo-religion: that is left as a question.
In this struggle I will prevail, yet fail, because Moslems have a weak spot, Disneyland. I have never been to the latter myself, so Moslems must be further into the secular than I.
This jihad, consulting with my Middle Eastern contacts, should be about at the tone of ‘pushing hands’ in Tai Chi, carrot soup

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