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As the xtian titanic starts to sink, questions…: was ‘Jesus’ a rogue sufi (gangster) like Gurdjieff?

August 10th, 2016 · No Comments

The new atheists have actually caused a temporary halt in the waning of xtianity, but the slow sinking of the religion is perhaps picking up again: it is a question, not of secular humanism, but of the ‘new age’ effect of modernity as the classic Axial Age religions (or more accurately religions in the wake of the Axial interval) started to get recycled. The recycling effect does not mean that atheism will take over modernity as a new religion, although it is certainly true that atheism came out of the closet in the early modern to become a public philosophy.
One of the ironies of the New Age movement, so-called, not the same as the ‘new age’ effect of the early modern, is that it has tried to propose esoteric versions of things like xtianity, only to provoke a harsh reaction to the gnostic shadow world in which the xtian church navigated. There are a lot of fans of gnostic xtianity, but their game has backfired because xtianity as a religion depends vitally on a deep trust, and if there is one thing a shadow sufi like Gurdjieff creates it is mistrust (beyond the cult of idiot followers).

We are left with the question of a future for xtians/xtianity, and a possible exit strategy, an issue discussed here many times, with contradictory results. Let us be clear: the attempt to foist ‘esoteric xtianity’ on the xtian public will generate rapid efforts to simply dismantle the whole religion. But then? We are entering a malevolent culture of still fringe occultism generated by that genuine false prophet Aleister Crowley, and the result isn’t going to be pretty…But the xtian titanic is sinking and its real legacy can only be an enquiry into its enigma: what was that all about? We have very little good history, and less understanding armed with real facts. We know little about ‘Jesus’ (quotation marks, please). But there are curious signs that he was a curious hybrid of the saint and rogue sufi. One damn thing after another.

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