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Kantian Ethics and Socialism: Harry Van Der Linden: Books

August 19th, 2016 · No Comments

We have pointed many times to the parallel track of Kantian ethical socialists of the late nineteenth century. this gem of a book could be the foundation for a whole new post-marxism…

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Source: Amazon.com: Kantian Ethics and Socialism (9780872200272): Harry Van Der Linden: Books


One of the problems with Kant’s ethical system is the way it which it becomes an attempted practical manual of ethics. But it is in reality a breakthrough theoretical instrument leaving a practical ethics somewhat murky. And it is too hard for the people for whom it is intended. The marxist field by contrast simply bypassed ethics and then foundered in dialectic. But the result was ‘useful’ for those who wanted a revolution without scruples. We see in retrospect that that failed. So much for the marxist ‘psychopaths’. But a Kantian socialism would be beset with a hoard of people confused about what Kant was talking about. The problem could be solved, but the theoretical background requires a practical form of its realization.
Small wonder ‘moses’ concocted his ethic mythology. Small wonder the israelites concocted moses. But there is no going back to that. And the Kantian system seems to suggest its own simplification: he spoke of a clarification of ‘common ordinary morality’. We have to take man as he is with his intuitive ethical sense counseled with a rough constructivist ethics that learns from but passes beyond the religious: values in the realm of physical fact. The Kantian system got stuck in conservatizing and has problems with revolutionary praxis. But only because its center of gravity was mostly academics and protestant pastors, and fools like Bernstein. Whatever the case the original marxist system creates sheer paranoia in the general public. Its stance on ethics clearly was a failure. Marxists, economists, and politicians are clearly never going to solve this problem.

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