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Design debate stupidities…and a protest against ostracism/censorship….

August 19th, 2016 · No Comments


We have discussed the ‘design’ argument here many times. If natural selection fails, design is going to be a factor. It is clearly a factor in all aspects of biology. This has nothing to do with theology and probably shows a factor of teleology that current science can’t handle.
that’s that.
the whole debate over design is confused therefore on both sides. Figures like Dawkins have made darwinism a fetish to refute design claims, but the whole discourse is false, and grants no relief to theists. By proposing such a false pseudo-science as darwinism, Dawkins et al. have fed an entire industry of religious critics of random evolutionism. It is a puzzling situation. Are these scientists simply stupid? Is it ideological? Whatever the case, the question of natural selection has proven to be the albatross from biological science.

Meanwhile the UD people constantly protest the reigning paradigm and its censorship. But I protest the censorship on both sides, in relation to the clear expose of both biblical and darwinian claims. Many student could be helped the material here, but the regime of silent ostracism is almost total. Frankly, I have lost my respect for this generation of biologists, they are idiots and liars. While the ID groups are cleverly cognizant of clear critiques by such figures as Lovtrup and Denton but have turned them into trojan horse theological gateways.

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