History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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UD’s trashy and mendacious blog (with a lot of good evo links on the critique of darwinism)

August 19th, 2016 · No Comments

This post at Uncommon Descent shows the strengths and weaknesses of that curious branch of the evolution debate, the ID gang. If you write an evolution blog you know how hard it is to find good material written by scientists on evolution, as strange as that might seem. The reason is the confusion created by natural selection reasoning and its fallacies. Blogs like UD know the secret: natural selection is a fallacy and this frees them (along with the related Evo-News) to a degree of vitality on the subject with many interesting takes and sources of info on the subject of evolution. Darwinists in the science field are almost paralyzed by their own assumptions, and often clearly afraid of even discussing the question. To what degree various scholars begin to suspect and then end up simply deceiving their public is not clear. There are many ways to use the valid discoveries and biochemical complexities to conceal the basic error.

I say this because this post today at UD has three links to Coyne’s blog WEIT, on free will, the scriptures and climate change. The latter isn’t even worth mentioning except to be mindful that the Discovery Institute is a paid propaganda organ, despite its often cogent critiques of darwinism, and will go lawyerly on subjects like the Old Testament, and downright mendacious on the issue of climate change. Fact checkers on darwinism as good as the characters at this blog could surely arrive at the facts of climate change if their money masters hadn’t sealed their lips into lies, lies threatening terminally their reputation for any truth talk at all.
The two remaining issues we can discuss in separate posts, noting that religionists are to me right in their determined defense of free will, right in pursuing the debate not necessarily right in their arguments…
Coyne isn’t much better, but at least he can provide some, not much, sanity on biblical criticism, and climate change. But views on evolution are so by the book darwinian that he ends with a closed mind, as a good trooper for that total idiot Richard Dawkins.

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