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Sweden, an experiment, the coming calamity of Islamic culture and a new assimilation

August 20th, 2016 · No Comments

This is a critical swipe (from the right) of Sweden and immigration. I am not sure what the facts are, what is the line drawn for Islamophobia, or whether this piece is for real or junk.
But the issues apparently are clear, and Swedes confront being a minority in their own country. What on earth?

Whatever the case, I think both sides have missed the point. The world system foresees the loss of north africa/the middle east to climate change and is desperately attempting experiments to find at least some survivors. The answer is not swamping Europe with a new Caliphate but the rapid assimilation of Islamic peoples, among others to a post-Islamic secularism. That has to be the future and the scare stories with a vulgar sector of immigration (scare stories?) plying conversion to Islam is simply a transient stupidity on the way to assimilation, with a question: can the coming calamity of the Islamic world find any resolution in modernist cultural action?
Anyway the Swedes have been tricked into an experiment. Now they they should toughen up, stop tolerating nonsense about Islam and demand a secular transition on the way to a new cultural future. And they have probably reached the limit of immigration for the moment, so stop it, and stop the welfare nonsense. Something more useful and potential needs to be created.

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