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What the Sanders’ brouhaha should have/might have been…

August 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

As the election campaign settles into its final phase we have to wonder once again if we should expect any help from any party at a moment of crisis: eight more years of Obama style betrayal and nothing accomplished on climate change….?

Sanders, to reiterate, raised the issue of ‘socialism’ and ‘revolution’, so these terms should be taken on their own terms. We have tried to consider, stubbornly so, an idea of ‘market neo-communism’ which is what the Sanders bait and switch should have/might have been. This a virtual revolution with a set of questions. How do we reconcile the contradictions that beset current forms of activism? We can reconcile markets, socialism/communism, authority, anarchism, national/international movements, democracy and post-capitalist systems of authority. The list is long, but it is clear that the current system is grotesque….
We have barely scratched the surface of such a huge task, a reminder that conventional marxism is itself still short of answers. But we can certainly use this to remind ourselves that most activist efforts are incoherent.
Currently there is immense pressure to conform to the lesser evilism gambit being used to scramble the Sanders movement et al.
We answered that here: we considered Hilary’s problems and got no further than the crucial issue of Clinton on Israel/Palestine. Her remarks, now forgotten, were so disgusting that any further consideration of this person, come hell or high water, made her terminally unacceptable. Trump doesn’t even enter consideration. End of story. I am basically disenfranchised by Clinton and must consider emigration.

If nothing else the ‘manifesto’ (or manifesto generator) stands as a permanent challenge/mockery to the current left as a defeated phalanx. Marxism cannot provide an adequate framework for communism at this point.

In general the virtual abstraction is extremely useful if nothing more as a side study reminding you/us that we are not on course! Our efforts are not grappling with reality.


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