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Beyond the ‘end of history’ nonsense to the real issue of the invitability of constitutional communism, with or without market economies…

August 24th, 2016 · No Comments

Discussions of ‘communism’ are almost impossible in the current environment although the OWS/Sanders movements show something shifting in the landscape. But we can at least point to the difference between economic theorizing, revolutionary ideology, and the simple constitutional issues of primitive accumulation and the way in which Capital has expropriated the universal heritage of the Commons. Everything expropriated from the Commons must finally return to the Commons. This has been confused as constitutional communism with economic communism, a quite different too often collated question (with direct related relevance, of course!). We have suggested an abstraction to mediate this: market neo-communism whose starting point is constitutional communism, with our without economic communism. The issue of economics is left open, and the point is simply made that an overall communist constitutional framework can begin to deal with a postcapitalist economic system, with or without markets…
Any other solution will leave humanity subject to a despotism of a tiny capitalist elite in perpetuity. So it is good to see beyond the ‘end of history’ muddle to a real logical inevitability of the principle of the Commons…

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