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The Darwin plagiarism issue

September 1st, 2016 · No Comments

Coyne doesn’t get it: we have explored the plagiarism issue here at length and the evidence for the scandal of scandals: that Darwin plagiarized from Wallace is too strong to ignore. And the key text on the subject isn’t even available at Amazon: an obvious sign of a general cover up.

I’ve read a lot about Darwin, probably a lot more than Wolfe, and Darwin simply didn’t steal any ideas about evolution from Wallace (yes, Wolfe does imply that). Darwin’s theory was well worked out—and written out, though not published—well before he got Wallace’s letter in 1858, the letter that led to their joint publication in the Proceedings of the Linnean Society. If you read Wolfe’s book, you’ll find Darwin painted as a cynical manipulator, and Wallace as the lower-class (he wasn’t that lower class!) outsider whom Darwin tried not only to thwart, but to plagiarize. It’s up to Garner to push back against those misrepresentations, but he gives Wolfe a pass.

Source: Why Evolution Is True

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