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Time to be done with the Zizek boondoogle

September 3rd, 2016 · No Comments


Still another round of bullshit from Zizek. I am not stupid, and find if anything that Zizek’s Hegelianism is too simple as philosophy. But over and over again I find Zizek’s language and discourse so opaque as to be unreadable. Zizek is misled by the relatively small fan club he has created and the boondoogle with Verso that drives him to such a prolific and useless output.

In general the whole postmodern vein is played out. It has confused almost all the writers who has indulged in the genre. And it was invaded early on by New Age gurus in disguise who further addled the brains of its celebrities with with occult counterrevolution and reactionary ‘new age’ politics. The whole genre is a lost cause.
Beyond that lies the issue of psychoanalysis. That is another lost cause. I read the complete works of Freud as a freshman in college in 1964 and was done with it by the next year, although its confusions lingered, and the real change came in the late seventies when the whole subject was (fortunately) exposed and sent out packing out of fashion. Freud produced so much baloney theory it left its fans choking with nonsense in their brains, and Lacan was no improvement. Something remains there, and as a challenge to behaviorist psychologies it seems apt at many points, but the whole idea of the unconscious is a prior legacy, one that was really invented by Schopenhauer and others. Whatever the case, the endless indulgence in the combined jargon of psychoanalysis and postmodernism mixed with Hegel and garbled dialectical materialism is a mess of pottage so confusing that noone can understand it, except for complete idiots who will found a cult around it. Zizek, wake up. Lacan? are you kidding. This is some continental mystery that I missed completely.
What we need is a recompute of the whole spectrum of issues. Even marxism is at risk. Marxism is stuffed with bad theories of economics, and some brilliant insights from Marx, with muddled dialectic, with the atrocious dialectical materialism, and a confusion of scientism, darwinism, and materialism that is out of date and useless. So a new start is needed.
Frankly, throw out marxism too. We need a clear critique of capitalism, a clear critique of neo-classical economics, a clear path through the calculation debate, a clear economic reconstruction project, a clear definition of communism/postcapitalism, a revolutionary or other strategy and a perspective or world view that is much broader than the brittle materialism of the early nineteenth century.

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