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Notes toward a TNCM version 3.0…

September 10th, 2016 · No Comments

We have so much material we need to stop for the weekend and look backward.
But it is also true we haven’t fully defined our perspective. This is a huge subject, with too many controversies for some. A new version of TNCM is already needed.

Jameson in American Utopia has gone off the deep end with Zizek riding piggyback, and his idea of universal conscription is genuinely ‘nudknik zone’ hyperthinking, eh?

But let’s compete with the postmods with a different approach: a universal movement with a secular base (but xtians have long been invited with a post-theological exit path/xtianity: the virtual church of the holy brick, or the communist church of Munzer, their move, but join us here…the era of Feuerbach has come and gone, and the xtians are stuck in the past) that is the secular equivalent of religion, but basically a dual evolution/revolution perspective that is postmarxist (but makes over with healthy chunks of Old Testament marxist lore), neo-communist/democratic (socialist). This movement can be political, communal, economic unionizing in a new form, educational, populist, and, well, potentially revolutionary. We discussed this in TNCM.

There are a lot of questions that haunt a new generation, from darwinism, to economic theory, to new age/occult questions, to futile debates over materiaism/idealism, to questions of the State (the natural security state, the rogue state, the Israel colonialism…), the covert ops psychopathy that has replaced honest abe government, the issues of nuclear weapons, imperialism, globalization, trade….

The list is humoungous: these are some notes for a TNCM version 3.0

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