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Toward an ‘atheist’ xtianity?

September 12th, 2016 · No Comments

Xtians need to get on the move if they wish to preserve any element of xtian legacies. One ironic means to do that, next to moving into leftist issues, is to see through ‘theism’ and to consider the ironic history of xtian doctrine:

Consider the ‘doctrine of the Trinity’, one of the most braindead of the later theological dogmas/myths, post Constantine. A close look shows that an earlier non-theist xtianity based on Indian Samkhya must have been current or in the underground, and considered the ‘summit’ of existence as a universal triad of ‘three elements, forces, wills, or laws’ beyond which the ‘one’ beyond all was a mystery, and not even referable to as ‘god’. Manifestation was thus rightly a triadic factor, and beyond existence the ‘one’ was not really even considered thinkable. The Samkhya triads proceed: (1), 3, 6, 12, 24, … For students of the atheist Samkhya this is a stunning ‘higher form of humor’, a wipe out for all parties to theological questions, but with a very serious point that just might be an exit strategy for xtians beset by the wolf packs of the new atheists. This triadic myth must have been passing through the gnostic/Jain diffusion worlds in the Roman Empire. Done right it can be a serious, if non-dogmatic, spiritual construct bypassing both theism and atheism, conventionally taken. Xtians don’t need the theological gibberish of ‘god’, and would be better off without it.

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