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Voiding out the calculation debate…

September 16th, 2016 · No Comments

The supposed flaw in the previous argument is the claim for the inherent superiority of free markets making the socialist option unworkable (the calculation debate, now a red herring). We have reviewed that at length here, showing, I think, the fallacies in the Misean perspective. But even in the context of such a debate, the issue is being decided by the history of our times in the context of a climate crisis: we can see that unrestricted capitalism can’t deal with its destructive impacts, and those impacts are a calamity. The unrestricted free markets option is ceasing to be an option. And of course, this system of markets has precluded the possibility of real democracy, and precipitated the worse tendencies of american nationalist capitalism on a helpless exterior. The success of capitalism in the american system thus misses the point… And the system, which at one point was at least producing a middle class, is now proceeding beyond equality to a new and more ominous form of class domination.
The calculation debate is thus irrelevant. We must bring markets under control or we are dead. In any case, our market neo-communism allows a number of flexible options under conditions of constitutional communism.

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