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Sam Harris’ ‘new atheism’ a bungled job from the start

September 18th, 2016 · No Comments


The New Atheists may or may not be having the success claimed, but in any case the whole initiative is flawed. It started with Sam Harris’ flawed analysis of 9/11, playing into the official version of events, with a suspicious connection to Israeli propaganda in the denunciation of jihadism. Sam Harris is a suspect figure here. To deny the false flag ops of the US as Harris does puts him under suspicion of being some kind of jewish/israeli chauvinist: criticize xtianity in the name of secularism, but promote jewish/israeli domination in the destruction of islam. Unfair? And the whole stance of the new atheists isn’t even a good take on secularism, as it intersects with wretched takes on religion, scientism, darwinism, and much more. It is not surprising that moslems become restive, whatever the case with a few moderate sectors, whose activities should certainly be supported.
It is not necessary in impose atheism on moslems: a better solution is a more general passage to modernism itself in a transitional reformation that can allow a post-theological islamic culture to emerge in a secular mode. Islam is really a spectrum of issues, among them the complex and ambiguous sufism with its dynamite potential, mostly lost, for a new breakthrough in the field of religion. It may be a retrograde lost cause now immersed in the Islamic muddle, but the point is that westerners have consistently bungled the issues of religion and are incompetent on the subject of the real Islam.
That said, much of the ‘moderate’ Islamism fails to consider much of the criticism that may have some validity, that vitiated by the Islamophobic rightist bias and propaganda.
For example, the legacy of violence in Islam (but Xtianity, Israelitism were the ultimate sources of jihad) in the spread of Islam really was extensive and was the final result of the birth of jihad in the Old Testament…

In general secular humanism has failed to realize a balanced modernity, and, ironically, the lost cause sufism once held up the hope of a true spiritual psychology. So the issues are not so simple.
But at this point the whole game of islam is suffering critical failure, this apart from the atrocious and criminal false flag ops to create terrorists by the US.

So the cure of new atheism will end up as bad as the disease because it is a degenerate modernity.

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