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Red Forty-eight Group: ‘Our Revolution’, Sanders’ lost opportunity: toward a new postcapatilist civilization: a movement of movements

September 19th, 2016 · No Comments

Sanders’ behavior is puzzling, but it seems to warn us of the psychological block that arises at the brink of attempted change. Or else Sanders is so conditioned as an insider that he could not do anything but ‘sucker punch’ the idea of socialism in order to unconsciously betray it. Whatever the case, he could at the end have protested that he was swindled out of the nomination and declared his movement one that would move beyond the system. He could have declared war on capitalism, exposed the 9/11 crimes of a government mafia, called for a spectrum of protests, a march on Washington, declared solidarity with Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, thrown down the gauntlet to Israel, proposed a stance on socialist economy, nuclear technology (disarmament), denounced imperialism, and issued a de facto revolutionary perspective starting with climate change.

It is naive to even suggest it, since in reality Sanders was a kind of plant whose action was to prevent change. I would be happy to hear him deny it. In any case variants of the above could have really sent a message that the endgame had arrived.
Here is the interesting point: he has left this for real revolutionaries to do, and we should proceed forthwith to realize ‘Our Revolution’. At this point, the left is too disorganized to act, but it does have a series of fragments: these can proceed with their own agendas but be requested to consider, think about, participate/multitask with a ‘movement of movements’ that can at least prepare for the unlikely: a general revolutionary situation that can precipitate regime change and a new revolutionary/constitutional transition. To at least have such a plan ready at the right moment.

The issue of climate change is going, has gone critical: we must act now with something more than this silly american election that is making the cable news networks very rich. Equally critical are the irreversible steps to totalitarian capitalism such as the TPP that threaten any chance of any real change.

My proposal has been a version of democratic ‘market communism’, a hybrid of communism and a larger system or systems in a mix that is realizable in many avenues. The point is to get past the increasing futile social democratic, single-issue activist, New Deal parodies that haunt the fragmented left.

One a group can get its act together the challenge to the neo-liberal farce can succeed because such systems are vulnerable bluffs in the end.

Meanwhile Sanders is going to try and lead a movement after the current election, a farcical strategy. Let’s be clear that we can respect what he did but he is no longer to be trusted as a leader of anything. Goodbye to this fellow. He can never be trusted again. He will end up getting the CIA to police his own followers.


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