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Red Forty-eight Group: a new political party?

September 25th, 2016 · No Comments

Great idea: a new political party for the Red Forty-eight Group. But the idea in general remains at the level of the ‘virtual’ seeking to generate the crisis response needed immediately to deal with a civilization on the brink. This requires something more than an american ‘third party’ ritual. A new communism needs something that echoes the older internationales, but with a new orientation altogether. The result has to be on the level of the world religions, in principle, please, in the sense of a comprehensive set of perspectives that stand beyond the marxist legacy with its crippled version of early positivism. But the core architecture of marxism is a useful framework.
What is needed is a streamlined postmarxist revolutionary (and/or evolutionary/electoral) path, witha crackshot economic study group that can handle economic ideology/mathematics/models and get it straight. We have suggested making the whole modernist legacy the foundation, which would guarantee the broadest philosophical foundation. Our idea of floating fourth turning points.

Marxists are befuddled: the whole trend of Marx/Engels to the Second and later Internationales is played out and won’t repeat. But even a set of very simple reformulations would ‘break the habit’ and allow new energy to enter the field.
But the climate crisis is immediate and will end up being the object of activist groups in a state of drift and unable to create a unified line of attack.

It would be nice if the energy and legacy resources of the marxist tradition could generate a ‘snake shedding skin’ and a new set of perspectives. That legacy is a lot to lose. But the law of mechanization is grim: a frozen mental state is very hard to perk up.

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