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Red Forty-eight Group: The Climate Mobilization movement and Market Neo-Communist mobilization party

October 4th, 2016 · No Comments

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bze7GXvI3ywrSGxYWDVXM3hVUm8/view on the Victory Plan and The Climate Mobilization movement.

This is a an invaluable set of ideas and grist for our mill here, although I doubt our suggestion of neo-communism would not find favor in such circles. But once you get to the point of suggesting a WWII mobilization you are close to the realm of planned economies, and we must however unpopular as yet (it took eight years plus for the TCM to reach mention by McKibben/Sanders et al) pursue to apply the same critique to all this that its proponents apply to, say, the climate movement: it doesn’t go far enough. We need a climate movement, and…a social/economic transformation.
We may as well suggest ‘revolution’. As things stand now it is hard to see how a Mobilization is going to come about. Are we going to say ‘please’ to Mitch McConnell’s in the political system?

Here I think that a movement toward some form of communism should gestate rapidly in parallel, and be ready when the real crunch comes. Our idea of (democratic) market communism is not so totally far off from a WWII mobilization, well, maybe, almost.

Here the marxist left seems to be dysfunctional. We have exposed a number of reasons for this. We have suggested starting over with a new leftist movement and formulation, one that moves on from classic marxism, and has a format that can appeal to a generation still indoctrinated in the ‘end of history’ propaganda.

We need a revolutionary transformation (which could conceivably follow an electoral path) that changes the economic axioms, the political system, creates a response to climate, a populist economics, and a new social ideology.

It would be good to be free from the Second Internationale, the muddle over Leninism (what to say of Stalinism), cliche marxism, and to move into a new and robust version of a neo-communism. The idea of market communism has been discussed here many times. http://darwiniana.com/?s=market+neo-communism+communism

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