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Red Forty-eight Group: the paradox of pseudo-democracy, vanguards, guerilla movements, governmental indictments, 9/11, racketeering politics…

October 6th, 2016 · No Comments


Perhaps the passing of the FARC era tokens the need for just such a movement, done right this time, with a less compromised set of strategies. We need a combined electoral and revolutionary path, national and global, with a set of strategies that can be effective without terrorism and able to press hard against propagandized consciousness.

Let us note a paradox: the current (american) system is not a democracy, exploits a vast population beyond its borders with no rights or representation, so a revolution by an unelected vanguard to create a neo-communist democracy is justified by the tyranny of fake democracy. Our idea of a Universal Class can operate in multiple modes: a working class movement, a vanguard movement, a movement of movements, and a ….strategy for de facto ‘guerilla warfare’, hopefully without violence or actual warfare…Let’s be wary here and recommend nothing illegal or violent, to start, as such in an open discussion. A million people moving on Washington in a legal framework could for instance destabilize the mindset of the whole disastrous game. It could be a warning against the failure to change and make an open statement of the need for a new system, arrived at by whatever route. To start: everything out in the open, no violence or terrorism (but not absolutely renounced), but a definite set of actions on the boundary of civil disobedience, gestating a guerrilla activism and a warning the time is coming for regime change. This is not Gandhian non-violence, but it suggests a requirement to follow rules of war, and certainly not rule out a basic set of non-violent tactics.

Let us note that the US government is almost grotesque and subject to criminal indictments of all sorts, from top to bottom, from 9/11 to Iraq, etc…It is open to a charge of multiple counts of racketeering.

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