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R48G: floating fourth turning points…

October 14th, 2016 · No Comments


Hari wants Big Changes done by man, we have just the idea, one guaranteed to induce chattering teeth in Burkean conservatives, those nervous nellies about revolution: floating fourth turning points.

The idea that revolutions are visible in history as what we call transitions in a macro sense. In modern times we see this mirrored in the sudden arising of multiple revolutions and these inspired the idea in the revolutionary (and/or marxist left) of a deliberated revolution, viz. the ‘last revolution’ or the ‘communist revolution’. But this invokes the problems we clarify in the study of the macro model. A floating fourth turning point is a man-made ‘revolution’ on the scale of the modern transition, at least in principle, and in practice more than a political revolution.

Unless man can stage a revolution, in some fashion, that can resolve the issues of capitalism and injustice the whole discussion is useless Pinkerian propaganda.

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