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Occultism and modernity???//South African students call for the “fall of colonizing Western science” and its replacement by “separate ways of knowledge” 

October 15th, 2016 · No Comments

One of the mysteries of world history is the strange, unknown, history of African witchcraft.
But the idea of separate knowledge doesn’t work, actually. Witchcraft has been endemic in Western culture from ‘yore onward’ and while it has died out (until the era of wicca and Crowley) more or less, the larger question remains of the legacy of occultism. One of the problems with the ‘eonic effect’ is deciding if resurgent modern occultism was a ‘macro effect’ or simply a resurgence of archaic thought. What is the real history of freemasonry, for example? Where did it come from and why did it climax in the Enlightenment, and nineteenth century. A related question relates to Rosicrucianism. (Idries Shah claimed all these were cryptic sufi influences).
Freemasonry has faded into oblivion displaced by the New Age movement, but the realm of Aleister Crowley has already created new form of underground religion. The witches and warlocks are out in force, but don’t make the new. And an ominous question lurks: do the covert agencies, as reported in whispers, indulge in forms of research/applied in black magic. Beyond MK-Ultra, the dastardly art can’t be far behind. The respectable world of Tibetan Buddhism is actually a gross and violent scandal of hidden occultism, rumored fascism.
For over a year rumors of an occult fascist background to Trump has been circulating, and this was reported here. But while that comes from sources I can’t reject, the charge makes no sense. What a goof. Unless the aim was to discredit democracy by putting an idiot in power, I fail to see much cogency in the fascist interpretatiion. I think if true that the perps realized they had failed and turned around and sabotaged their action. Poor old Trump, never knew what hit him. But I am blind here. An outsider on the occult/esoteric front.
But we need to be clear from now on that occult rogues can influence politicians. Many in the covert world must surely know this, although they cannot probably match the horrific brands of Tibetan or sufi witchcraft.

The one student speaking demands a new science that incorporates the protestors’ own “separate knowledge”. But what is that “separate knowledge”? She mentions only one phenomenon that she credulously accepts: one group believes that you can send lightning to strike someone through black magic. But she adduces no evidence, only the claim that “some people believe this” and then demands “can you can explain that scientifically?” I’d like to see a demonstration first!

Source: South African students call for the “fall of colonizing Western science” and its replacement by “separate ways of knowledge” « Why Evolution Is True

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