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Time to dismantle Israel? How can americans liberate themselves from the jewish lobby, israeli fascism?

October 15th, 2016 · No Comments

I have spoken critically of Islam but that almost demands equal time for that mess of pottage called Israel. After all the brouhaha of two generations the question of whether Israel has a right to exist starts to actually have a meaning. An incredible achievement. And the state of Israel is a religious derelict in a curious limbo of false secularism. And its mystique of Einstein has created a nuclear state, a calamity that calls for the end of this fascist state whose subtle control of American politics is one of the scandals of world history. Brooklyn Jews and evangelical Xtians who empower this garbage need a severe debriefing of their religions, something the New Atheists can’t seem to provide as their Holy Founder Sam Harris is apparently an Israeli chauvinist who has it out for Xtian godism (fair?).

Israel needs to become a universal standard state, with no special connection to jews or judaism. And even beyond that we see a truly horrific covert agency Mossad with clear fingerprints on 9/11 and a hidden predator history with respect to american democracy. At this point the jewish legacy is stuck with a role in the destruction of a great democracy: perhaps intelligent jews, if there are any left, will grasp how their great tradition has been trashed by Israel. At some point it isn’t worth it.
The question is clear: the territorial justification based on the Bible was, and is, bullshit. And there is a simple solution: refound the jewish state as a secular nation, and, hey, don’t forget, figure out how Israel and the neo-cons destroyed Iraq, and what other covert ops we don’t know about are seeding the destruction of Islamic culture.

Islam, Xtianity, and Judaism are all doomed as religions. And that doesn’t excuse creating a secular Jewish rogue state in the name of a dead tradition. Won’t work that way. And one way to put the Israeli menace to a stop is to dismantle Xtianity, whose right wing is feeding this monstrosity, and which is manipulated by Israel in its own interest. It is a farce and a dangerous one.

Israel arose as a transient staging area for a new form of religion in the Axial Age. The whole operation foundered in the ethnic chauvinism of the Israelites who were the object of a spiritual action they didn’t understand and which they completely distorted with a ridiculous covenental mythology. Thousands of years later we are still beset with this delusive idiocy. Whatever else is the case the assent of idiotic Xtians in this mythology needs exposure, along with the dismantling of the offending religion of Xtianity itself, a second and failed and incoherent outcome of the original experiment that fell out of control and created two religions instead of one, a tragic outcome.

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