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R48G: at the worst a beggar’s socialism, at the best a true first in modern economic intelligence as economic postcapitalism

October 29th, 2016 · No Comments

Our promotion of democratic market neo-communism often echoes the ideas of ‘market socialism’ but while we can certainly explore this range our conception is sui generis and considerably different. We must make it different to evade the mechanization of thought that can overtake leftist thinking in the contraction around marxism.

The obsessed confusion over economic theory and structure debunked market socialism and yet now the same fate is being suffered by the nexus of capitalist economic theory and reality and the attempts at hybrid economies must resume.
Our situation is different now: let us consider, in the light of climate calamity a gedanken experiment, fairly brief: a beggar’s socialism. To avert disaster we shut down economic supercharged capitalism, enforce completely planned centralized economies, provide food, lodging, jobs, etc, in an economy designed to be no a no growth static economy, possibly inefficient but carbon-free, suffering possible misallocation, shortages, but a rescue vehicle overall in terms of climate disaster impending. We can survive very well in such a system, actually.
There is every possibility of a planned economy done right, however, and/or something like our market neo-communism.
On the other side with market neo-communism we have a first true modern industrial economy for a post-growth (or growth in a new sense, carefully monitored) based on equality, a dual planned/market sector, and a low level semi-anarchist yet monitored sector, as noted in previous depictions.

Let us note that the future of a no growth economy isn’t going to happen easily without a revolutionary transformation of both politics and economy and a neo-communism is probably the only way to go. The question of communism is axiomatic: the resources of the planet spring from the Commons and the primitive accumulations of the bourgeoisie have privatized the Commons. Our first step must be to right this wrong and make sure a true social contract has moved beyond the stage of wild zones of plunder. This axiomatic and foundational constitutional communism leaves open the question of the economic system to go with it. We have suggested a hybrid, or really a hybrid of hybrids. Our situation is different now: we don’t have to make socialism compete with capitalism. If anything a somewhat less efficient system would greatly benefit the revival of a dying ecosphere. We don’t need to play ball in the capitalist Olympics.

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