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Red Forty-eight Group: ‘Our Revolution’…sorry Bernie, all your fault… Redfortyeighters of the world, unite…

November 2nd, 2016 · No Comments


Scoping ‘Our Revolution’: Sanders has been the object of ‘hot/cold’ here and we should in the end consider that even if we suspect he has coopted ‘revolution’ toward the center the effect of his campaign can be to sow the real ideas of revolution which in turn can ‘feedback’ to electoral from genuinely revolutionary perspectives. The value of the ‘revolutionay road’ is that we set up the whole list of issues that need to be considered, however we go from there. It is a staggering list, and we will throw in some ‘extras’:

the issue of democracy, truly defined…
critique of american democracy
democratic market neo-communism
expropriation, constitutional communism
market socialism versus market communism
the economic calculation debate
planning, AI, and computational economics
political analysis of american politics: reforming a corrupt system
creating constitutional economic courts
defining the Commons
nationalist/internationalist socialism and federation
the universal class beyond the working class
economic rights, platforms of activist issues: basic income, free education, health care, supported lodging, communes, cooperatives,,,…
the status of foreign policy: imperialism
indictment of the US criminal regime:
the 9/11 conspiracy (and the JFK issues before that, Iran/Contra…)
expose of the criminal drug racketeering suspected in the CIA
status of the covert agencies and their abolition/recreation


We have moved toward a postmarxist semi-marxist framework that tries to create a new framework on the question of history, historical materialism, and dialectical materialism, etc…

We have also created a new cultic Christianity: the virtual church of the proto-communist Munzer: an exit strategy for Christians to the age of Feuerbach but via new route different from secular humanism
This includes the secular equivalent of religion for the R48Grp…very ambitious issues…

We even had an aesthetic project, the study of the macro effect (history and evolution.com), the poetry of revolution, the tragic drama, etc…: the last and first men question, the future evolution of man, postdarwinism, and the replication of the macro effect by human technology, a staggeringly difficult task…

Redfortyeighters of the world, unite…

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