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The dangers of sufism for leftists, be warned // Sufism in the Service of Empire: the Case of the Maryamiyyah

November 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

This is important documentation on sufism and confirms what I have long claimed here and at The Gurdjieff Con as to the reactionary character of much or most sufism. I have been excluded from the sufi world, a tactic that backfired since I know something about sufism even most sufis don’t know. The reactionary character of sufis was first exposed in Debriefing Gurdjieffianity, and The Gurdjieff Con blog, and can be a deadly phenomenon given the dangerous mind control methods known to sufi occultists (consider commentary on EJ Gold, a socalled jewish sufi).
Even since I became a leftist at the same time as I encountered sufis I have been subjected to an almost endless amount of black magic and attempted occult murder which I ascribed to Gold but which has a larger source in sufi and indic guruism. We have also exposed the fascism in buddhism at the Gurdjieff Con.
It is dangerous for leftists to navigate the sufi world, be warned. Another suspicion is confirmed that elements of the american government have sufi connections.
The world of Dugin, thence Crowley, has been discussed here.

It would be good to have a better history of sufism (and Islam for that matter) and a depiction of the sufi world current now.
In an attempt at secular demolition we have given away the Sufi Secret, unkown to most ‘sufis’, dupes of their own occult legacy.

The Greatest Name shall do its things, O heart, be of good cheer For by wile and guile the demon shall never become Solomon. ~ Hafiz In 2014, a former, estranged disciple of Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s &…

Source: Sufism in the Service of Empire: the Case of the Maryamiyyah

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