History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Why are biologists so confused about darwinism? some caveats to Royal Society discussions…biologists claim authority over all evolutionary discussion. But they have had their head up their ass for over a century…an intolerable situation…the deadlock needs outsiders…

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A look at WHEE gives some answers, or suggestions. But in general there are some basic problems that block understanding:

the basic suspicion: evolution is not basically a genetic process. It moves in a dimension beyond genetics in a way that science can’t yet detect.
we can see, or detect, such processes by looking at world history: and there we must have rich data at short intervals
biologists have probably never observed ‘evolution’ at close range, seeing only its larger movement in deep time.
evolutionary life is part of a directed, most probably teleological process
physics may have found the source of this factor in its fine-tuning arguments
biologists are right to resist theological assaults, but ‘design’ arguments won’t go away: complex biological machines are a fact of life. It doesn’t follow that these are due to ‘intelligent’ design.
the issue of such machines is not ‘intelligent’ design, but simply the failure of natural selection. The ‘design’ factor requires a new form of science.
but there may well be ‘intelligent’ entities in the universe (closer to the idea of the ‘demiurge’ than to the ideas of god which are incoherent): Enigma of the Axial Age discusses this (unknowable) question.

the eonic effect in WHEE shows that scientists are outclassed by the sophisticated complexity of ‘smart’ evolution. It is wrong but not surprising that ideas of ‘god’ litter the landscape confusing the issue. The evolutionary process seen in history shows that ‘smart evolutionary mechanics’ is associated with high level culture evolution…

this discussion is only a beginning…biologists claim authority over all evolutionary discussion. But they have had their head their ass for over a century…the deadlock needs outsiders

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