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From the Working Class to the Universal Class

November 9th, 2016 · No Comments

The historic failure of working class mobilization visible in the current American election demands a change of perspective. We have suggested a simple strategy: making the Universal Class the focus of activism. The fantasy of working class revolution has foundered in the American system, and a simple change of tactics via change in terminology can help to rescue the situation. We need to be able to criticize the ‘working class’, wary that abstractions are not about people. The global working class remains a reality. But the left’s focus on the working class inherited from marxism is a failure of terminology, and has created a curious illusion. A revolutionary left should be about everybody as one class, and stop imagining that it is still living in the period of 1848. The american working class has been the victim of an immense and grotesque assault by social brainwashing: the left needs to wake up the working class, not submit to some fantasy of its revolutionary potential. That potential is however very real in many exterior cultures and economies. But we lose nothing with the focus on the Universal Class: it is near synonym with the ‘working class’, but also a larger superset, one that can focus on a range of class formations at the brink of revolutionary change.


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