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R48G: haranguing the ‘working class’, Trump’s asshole trumpenprole ‘working class’ idiots…rustbelt hard luck cases consider this: you are pioneering the future of the no-growth economy

November 11th, 2016 · No Comments


Although I suspect the real issue in the recent election was Clinton’s failure to deal with the question of inequality, the working class, etc… we have to realize that once again we see an historic failure of the working class. We should be wary of indignation: yet the ‘working class’ among the trumpies was counterrevolutionary and followed its self interest, but that should be a wake up call for the (marxist) left.
But after disillusion with the liberal elite we can’t forget that a contingent of the ‘working class’ was duped once again into a rightist idiocy to match the Reagan WWC goofs at the onset of the neoliberal era.
We must respect the classic respect for the working class generated by nineteenth century leftists, but this time the proletariat hypnotized by a mussonlini effect has empowered someone who could destroy a planet. We can’t forgive that or mouth anymore claptrap about the working class…I think it is possible to argue that the triumpies aren’t working class at all, but the evidence is grim, especially after the primaries…the constant discussion of the question may have make many sit up and consider Trump was ‘on their side’.
So we have the right to harangue his followers (working class or not): we can start with a cold shower…:
the idea that Trump will find jobs for the rust belt is barely possible, but dubious at best. How could his followers have fallen for such nonsense?
do we have to wait for four years for the reality to sink in and these idiots vote Trump out on his ass?
working class persons who are susceptible to Trump have to be dismissed as dangerous idiots…and they empower the social safety net itself in the undermining of their own position…and not least the issue of climate change whose resolution threatens to be crippled by Trump et al, backed by the rank idiocy of his followers.

as against this I think that our idea of the ‘universal class’ can rescue this situation because it asks the allegiance of all classes, not least those in the has-been working class who can still respond to sanity…the working class needs to remix with all other sets of the universal class as marxists stop their fantasies about making working classers arbiters of the future…

I think the issue of rust belt working class types needs a new interpretation. Members of the rust belt might relax and consider they are gestating a culture of the future: a no-growth economy with few jobs, increasing AI, and the jobs that went overseas have helped, if the global 1% can be thought to do anything right (doubtful), millions/billions of people rise out of poverty to some degree. The rustbelt idiots can’t expect this global transnational system to impoverish their overseas comrades.
(However, a degree of restoration of a classic job market of the american twentieth century might be possible).

Here we realize we need a global system of politics that is socialist, democratic, rations jobs justly, deals with the issue of inequality and the one percent, etc…and if the rustbelt must endure postcapitalism, so must the one percent…We must expropriate all of it…

Socialism is the only candidate here…

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