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Radical communist xtianity as an exit strategy…the coming disappearance of monotheistic religions…

November 11th, 2016 · No Comments

Xtianity (and Islam) as religions are doomed. The conservatizing character of xtians in the US will help it endure and yet in the end undermine its future. The twin issues of conservative economics and the grotesque issue of Israel will doom xtianity. The question is simple: the Old Testament of covenental judaism is a dangerous myth that has run out of control. We must debrief the whole christian myth as a pack of lies and deceptions, point to the limits of judeo-xtian theology, theism, spiritual practice, the idiocy of prayer used to snare the confused and helpless…

At this point we must also expose the strategies of the ‘new atheists’ whose agenda is obscure by any measure and a very mediocre rendition of the rich potential of secularism. We we are not advocating atheism/theism.

It is important for conservative xtians to grasp the bitterness of those who in the wake of the early modern which saw even a radical xtian communism who lost their religion to a bunch of capitalist Lutherans/Calvinists and their successors. The radical xtian legacy of Quakers and abolition is another reminder of what has been lost.

We need not fret over the future of xtianity: it is going going gone and the real issue is preempt the cult of the Iron Cage from turning the post-religious into the robots of scientism threatened in the name of false secularism..

We have suggested several versions of a transitional church: one, the church of historical memory. We need to look backward and try to understand the action of xtian history, not easy, and not achieved by secularists, theist or atheist…

I think that a radical Feuerbachian post-religion is apt, historically relevant, but it isn’t the full answer. It asks man to free himself from authoritarian ‘god’ fictions, but once done the spiritual domain remains the mystery that it is. The left wishes to turn everyone into an historical materialist, atheist, etc, to realize a new economic future, but that reality will be more complex that stale materialism (or for that matter cliche idealism)…

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