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Age of Aquarius ? //Civilization in Transition, Uncertainty and Opportunity

November 13th, 2016 · No Comments

I am puzzled to read a Spenglerian thesis with new age overtones in Counterpunch.
We have tried many times to expose the new age myth of age periods. The timing of Pisces and Aquarius is real enough on the stellar level but is complete bullshit in the history of civilization.
World History and the Eonic Effect, and recently Toward a New Communist Manifesto, have set the record straight on epochs and world periods. That periodization clarified what is wrong with the astrologers here and concluded that the current age period is simply that of modernity. We are not living in a civilization in terminal decline but in a set of modern civilizations that are still relatively young (but perhaps falling away already from their initial conditions in the early modern) with open futures. The problem is not decline but the capture by capitalism…

That we are witnessing a crumbling civilisation in terminal decline is certainly true. It is not, however, the end of the world as the prophets of doom would have us believe, but the end of an age or cosmic cycle, that of Pisces, and with it the collapse of a worn out civilisation, itself the product of certain influences. A 2,000 year-old civilisation increasingly dominated by an unjust, unbalanced economic system. Decay in all we see These are times of transition, of uncertainty and opportunity, as we move from one cosmic cycle, Pisces, into another, Aquarius. From one civilisation imbued with a particular set of ideals and values, into a new, potentially more just and peaceful way of living. The current structures – political, economic, religious and social – that govern our lives are dead or dying: they no longer serve the needs of humanity, and whilst politicians (because they are not directly affected) and their benefactors seem largely blind or ignorant to this fact, millions of people around the world recognise it and are crying out for a radical shift in approach and a fundamental change.

Source: Civilization in Transition, Uncertainty and Opportunity

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