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Mr Trump: if you pursue your climate tactics you will justify violent overthrow of the american government, or failing that endless chaos and revolt…how can you be so stupid on this questio

November 13th, 2016 · No Comments

It is hard to grasp how the climate question can leave people so obtuse. One key is the work of Ayn Rand who had a genius for creating stupidity in the name of thinking you were the Nietzschean overman arriving.

It is helpful to realize that people suffer information kwashiokor. I recall the days before the Internet when obtaining information on any subject was difficult because you couldn’t afford or locate the books or read anything much more than the New York Times in the realm of news. I recall personally how suddenly being able to read Alternet and Counterpunch rapidly changed my perspectives, and I had a been a closet communist throughout! The plight of the middle of the roaders is to never have the right information about much of anything. We must thus keep in mind that the Trump followers simply don’t have any information on any subject (and seem to get what they do get from Breitbart et al). This seems obvious, but perhaps it isn’t so obvious. No use wondering why people are so braindead on the subject of climate change, for example. They have not, and will not, ‘get the message’.
The internet revolution has not really helped the groups that responded to Trump. In general people who don’t read don’t really gain much new information from the Internet.

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