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R48G: RFC: Michael Moore: what’s your take on ecological guerilla warfare?

November 14th, 2016 · No Comments

Michael Moore says he wants to head an Occupy-like movement against Donald Trump
Michael, we don’t need any more celebrity assholes trying to found movements. Climate change is almost past critical no point of return: We must change course now!
I am hearing suggestions of ecological guerilla warfare. What do you think? “We need an emergency radical movement at the level of guerilla warfare to sabotage carbon infrastructure. A celebrity activist kamikaze with a determined group of revolutionary guerillas could start dealing with the crisis by creating a underground movement to
slash tires of USV’s
destroy pipelines
derail coal trains
sabotage car factories
action against carbon deliquents
potholing freeways
closing down fast food hamburger joints
paintspraying climate denial politicians…
million person marches in Washington….more million man marches on Washington
revolutionary action…

From my sources I get this very controversial type of proposal, which I haven’t as such endorsed.

What do you think…? Celebrities are mostly assholes in the way, look at Chomsky, Naomi Klein, even Sanders: you are dead anyway, why bother with move-on 2.0?…what are you going to do ASAP is more relevant. You could help to stop Trump NOW.

So what do you think of ecological guerilla warfare? I await your response (perhaps not in public)…

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