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R48G: to Trump’s asshole followers: you are a bunch of clueless morons and Trump is no populist… the clever hidden strategy of the Trump phenom…

November 14th, 2016 · No Comments

Speaking from the left (a neo-communist perspective) we need a little inter-class warfare from one segment of the working class to the clueless assholes all too visible at the Trump rallies. But the strategy here, from whatever source, cleverly jumpstarted rust belt votes, a far larger spectrum, after starting with a bunch of total idiots in the primaries graduated to a post-primary wake up of an immense sector of the rust belt spectrum, a late effect…I think this campaign also had, as we have hinted here (cf. the blogger at The Gurdjieff Con), an occult fascist component, which means some of the most devious and spiritually adept hidden operators on the planet were trying to sabotage modern democracy…clearly they failed and pulled up short, but Trump won on other terms.
It is easy to see why fascist generators thought Trump would be their man, but his is a fascist dud, so far, whatever else he is…we shall see. But the fascists have blown their cover.
The signature is there, although we can’t be sure: pseudo-populist mesmerization of riffraff, Mussolini flavors, an idiot of low intelligence with a vicious streak… it seems suspicious that the manipulators left behind the clues of attempted fascist imitation…but they were exposed in mid game. To the Trumpies: this isn’t populism. Don’t be the biggest suckers yet falling for someone like Trump…This is an eerie strategy to destroy the working class, not to help it. Wake up, asshole.

At this point we need to rescue the rust belt working class from rightist degradation, and we can do that by haranguing them. Truly a bunch of assinine morons, at risk of empowering a two-bit Mussolini parody to destroy the planet.
Now it is possible Trump could create some economic relief for the rust belt, but I doubt it, and that was not the game plan which is all too obviously the manipulation of economic woe for the ultimate benefit of and control by the elite…

Let us note in passing that in the game plan of the Red Forty-eight Group, the problems of the rust belt could be solved in less than twenty-four hours. The problem is capitalism unchecked, and the solution, jobs, but in the context of everyone’s jobs across the planet.

To the clueless morons, yet, Trumpies, we say: join a real revolution against capitalism. You have a lot to gain, and little to lose and the mirage of Trump has almost destroyed world respect for the working class.

To the Trumpies I would say: don’t be fooled. Trump is a manufactured phony: he could not ever represent working class interests and the elements mixed in with fascist flavor are a reminder that the fascism of the Nazis was not truly a political or social program but an occult gotterdammerung of obscure provenance. Thus we suspect a scheme within a scheme to torpedo american civilization…more on that elsewhere, but the point here is to simply warn the Trumpies: don’t let history make a fool of you. At a time of climate crisis to follow a dupe like Trump down the climate denial path, among other idiocies, is a discredit to the very idea of a working class activism. Remember, fascists (they failed here, but the point is clear) is to use clueless morons in a fake populist movement. Why not wake up and join a real revolution. The rustbelt economy is not going to be repairable under capitalism in any case…

Leftists are supposed to kowtow to the working class. No more. The Trumpies demand the reality: you’re fired. And there is a far greater majority of real revolutionaries, many of them working class, who can take up the flag.

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