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R48G: why not just use marxist theory?

November 16th, 2016 · No Comments

Because of its legacy. Because, technically, all Marx’s theories are false, period.
But here’s a useful rough summary of the issues: we can go with that, if…
This core can easily be updated and revised, so our discussion might seem needless. But the mechanics of thought requires a recasting. One thing leads to another and soon all the known errors of classic marxism are being rehashed all over again. Marxists have made a hopeless mess of the whole subject. Imagine if the American Rebs had had to master a total mess like Marx’s Capital, a book taken to pieces over and over and over again (with marxists oblivious of the situation). But the irony is that behind the theory, the core ideas work fine. Start with Engels on the working class in England, then cut to the contemporary situation. The American Rebs applied the praxis of free agents to history as revolt, followed by constitutional founationalism. If they had to read a book like Capital first, yuk…
Marxists can’t even acknowledge the existence of free agents. Egad. Small wonder the Kantian socialists tried to intervene.
We need something new, that doesn’t betray the essence of revolutionary communism, that isn’t cultic marxism, doesn’t use the term ‘marxism’, doesn’t make a dogma out of Marx’s statements.
We have suggested a broad historical account of the 1840’s and the onset of communism rather than the promotion of theories. The left cannot apply economic theories to history as a form of engineering. It must have social/constitutional/revolutional praxis that applies principles to outcomes, by electoral or revolutionary means. A rough history of class, ideology, and critical metatheory (of economics, classical, neoclassical) without stepping into the theory quagmire. Praxis implies, not the theory of stages of production (which was teleological), but the voluntary action of free agents in history to apply a postcapitalist constitutional logic (communist) to a crisis situation. We don’t have to ask permission from marxists here and Marx’s basic content from the 1840’s is enough. Capital, like a cement block, has confused the issues. Let’s put it on the shelf as decoration at this point.

We need a constitutional plan, an economic framework, a serious study of planning without hype (capitalist or communist), a political system, an international system, a decision on covert agencies, a system of rights, an economic populism, and finally a democracy and/or strong pledge of an economic endstate in an economic transition…

Source: Marxian class theory – Wikipedia

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