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As we move to dismantle (conceptually and in realiy) xtianity/islam we must be fair and denounce the cancerated remnant called ‘judaism’…

November 17th, 2016 · No Comments

Although I grant xtianity far more than secular humanists I do think it is a lost cause. Its conservatized corpse of the American Bible Belt hardly deserves a place in man’s future. The question of Islam remains in the background. In a period of Islamophobia the critique of Islam can be misinterpreted but on the contrary it would seem to be far more compassionate to urge a secular transition for Islam. That’s all I can say: the rest is an issue for moslems who are rapidly voting with their feet and increasingly ditching this monstrosity of the medieval period, despite its curious aspects and profundities.

But we must not forget the grotesque case of Israel as the last fag end of a judaic tradition that is increasingly ‘biting the dust’. What jews have created in Israel is so pathetic that I would think most jews would cringe in horror and move to assimilate as soon as possible. This outcome is not worthy of the intelligence of Einstein. And it gets worse and worse.

The whole spectrum of Axial Age religions is showing a passing away effect. Many thought buddhism exempt but its nosedive is finally starting.

The question of Israel is critical and made worse with the election of Trump who seems to have made some kind of deal with the Israeli right.

The issue is clear: the biblical claim on Israel is bogus, over and out. Since thugs have managed otherwise we are powerless, but by the same token the jewish idea becomes powerless, bankrupt: the endgmae is a game of thieves or worse. It would be far more dignified for jews to see the Axial Age logic, move to neutralize toxic religious waste, disband their phony movement and leave behind a rational modern democratic (or left/communist) society of equals. That’s how it will end, in the end, so the intermediate case is clearly madness in motion.

Let me note my opinion: ‘secular’ jewishness is not the answer. Being jewish is the same game. Many jews a century ago understood the point and simply vanished under changed names. But that’s perhaps a bit obsessive, save that many jews once thought that way. In fact we have a jewish israel in the US, and its territories are equally subject to exploitation. Full assimilation will come in the end and then perhaps the US can have a free government again.

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