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R48G: revolution versus revolution…

November 17th, 2016 · No Comments


The question of revolution has become so opaque we can lose the thread of logic that accompanies the idea: the issues are simple. We have had a ‘democratic’ revolution which ended up in the range of capitalist oligarchies. We need what the first critics of bourgeois revolution called the next or ‘last’ revolution, and this kind of idea was picked up by Marx/Engels and given a classic formulation. But the logic of our situation requires more than the marxist legacy. We need a revolution, as indicated, and this indeed needs to correct the flaw of the bourgeois revolution. But often lost here is the reminder that it must actually realize democracy. We must in the final revolution deal with capitalism and yet also realize democracy without quotation marks.
That’s a tough set of requirements but the alternative is likely to be the kind of madhouse effect we see now in which the capitalist domination of democracy is so total we can’t even manage the crisis of climate change.

This has been rehashed many times without quite getting it right. The reason is one-dimensional thinking and the forced logic of mere abstractions. However we can correct all that with an attempt to reconcile a set of opposites, a liberal system and a communist system rendered mutually coherent.

The logic of democracy is clear: it is an attempt at political fairness. And the logic of communism is clear: it is an attempt at economic fairness. But it is more than that, it is an attempt to correct the plunder of the humanly shared Commons with a return of resources to a common humanity. It is the only fair solution to the planetary crisis of resources. Marxists speak of ‘primitive accumulation’. It is almost a relief to consider that the whole burden of capitalist property is a bogus category. We simply return the stolen goods to a common humanity.

Tall orders, perhaps, but as the logic of economic globalization mixed with climate change threatens an apocalypse the impossible will realize itself, if we can manage its complexities.

And those complexities are compounded by a multitude of horrors, from the question of militarism, imperialism, corrupt government, flawed political structure, and more, all this in addition to the catastrophe of climate change on its way.
Just at the point of no return we find an ‘hysterical’ response (in a kind of Freudian sense): the victim shuts down contact withe reality and, as with the Trump phenomenon, enters in a Quijote hallucination: the latter seems amply evident in the phantom president who has usurped the nightmare, Mr. Trump.

We have few options, and one is revolution, a revolution beyond the bourgeois revolution to a new and first form of democracy as postcapitalism…

We aren’t out the woods yet: the realization of communism is said to be impossible to realize: markets have a kind of economic logic that preempts realization. In fact both systems, capitalism and communism have ‘impossibilities’: we need to find the way to a hybrid realization.

We have proposed a transitional version of democratic communism: market (neo-)communism as a four sector hybrid: there the issue of planning and markets, and anarchistic ‘laisez-faire’ move in a complicated tandem. http://darwiniana.com/?s=market+neo-communism+communism

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