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Mr. Trump your stance on climate change is so monumentally stupid and criminally negligent it makes revolt imperative…better kill me now and the millions of others who can’t ignore the coming catastrophe…you don’t have enough drones for these assassinations

November 18th, 2016 · No Comments

It is almost impossible to understand the gross stupidity of Trump’s confusion over climate change. No, it is simple, he sings the tune of his neoliberal puppet masters. It is hard to understand even the capitalist fixation here. Nothing in capitalist logic requires such an irrational response to its own effects, but such is the mesmerizing effect of ideology that common sense itself is lost.

Let us be clear to all those who in the political class have started talking about some kind of relationship with Trump. There is none. We are out of time, on the brink, and need something to happen immediately in the climate sphere, and beside that we must simply disengage from the political illusion from which nothing can be expected, in the US. A year ago we watched those who felt a sense of crisis defer to the electoral process. Action was on hold, just a few more months, please…Now the situation is a thousand times worse and the warning we gave is amply fulfilled: we have lost a year in a situation that has deteriorated very rapidly in just one year…

We can work in the NGO sphere, fine, and that may be as much as anyone can accomplish, but we must also begin to challenge a presidential phantom that is suddenly malevolent in its action.

That means revolution, possible guerilla war, social confrontation, possible sabotage, and a demand for a new government that is not endemically criminal, and guilty of the criminal negligence on the issue of climate change…The scale of malevolence from the Trump perspective is almost unfathomable.

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