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Trump is a DFF ‘mind control manchurian candidate’ discarded…but still dangerous..Trump should NOT be president of the United States

November 18th, 2016 · No Comments


Maybe I am crazy, maybe not….from what I can make out…:

We currently have a discarded ‘mussolini’ experiment, (discarded when his failure seemed inevitable), one that did in fact win the election and can be activated at any time… This can be done from totally anonymous sources across space.
Our perps are clearly very inferior in their operation. They seemed to not realize Mussolini started as a very intelligent idealistic socialist: he was very different from Hitler, a psychopath maybe, but not the drone Hitler was. They have no idea what they are doing. A complete idiot like Trump with ADHHD could never become a real fascist like M. But he can be used to kill people. Beware of him. Such a person should never have political power as a President. With any luck the perps will finish him off (how cruel), but in general the basic aim as I understand it is to create mass murder…or else simple destruction. I can’t quite fathom this operation.

It is important that this person be observed carefully as to all decisions…

This is not science fiction. Mind control is not a mystery (except to the CIA), even I can figure it out. If I were a Faust I could figure out the technique in a year. A second rate sufi like EJ Gold could run a dictator without trouble.So I am not imagining. He appears to be one of the people who exposed this.
I can only pass what I hear, and that source is drying up: the basic expose by who? has stopped the operation. But this poor fellow Trump is in a state of suggestibility. This is dangerous.
The confusion in this operation which makes no sense springs from the source of it years ago, no doubt: its sudden appearance no has had unintended consequences (e.g. the climate change issue which wasn’t clear in the starting point)
Cf. The Gurdjieff Con…I show how people (me included) can be subject to ‘tel put far do’.
A few days ago we put up a link to The Producers…The sordid joke will come to you, and the appearance of this complot with some jewish/sufi occulists must have passed the joke of the movie around in the search for a victim. It is easy to see why they might choose Trump, but he was totally the wrong choice for the part. Because of this I think they started training people for this in the late seventies.

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