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RG48: more on the working class versus the universal class

November 26th, 2016 · No Comments


The left is driving itself crazy trying to compute the working class. But the strategy has entered chaotification and isn’t easily repaired. The stance on the ‘universal class’ would work much better: we target everyone! But we can also turn around and target subsets of the universal class, i.e. the various spectra of the so-called working class, there are dozens of working classes, in the US and across the board. A platform for the R48G would propose a comprehensive economic populism with a defined set of economic rights and emergency strategies for anything like the ‘rust belt’ calamity.
At one and the same time the perspective on the R48G must consider the context of global solutions and attempt to universalize any nationalistic solution to economic issues, etc…
We can’t really solve the economic problem with economic patriotism…
The working class concept was always a class concept. I think it it condescending on the part of the left to think in terms of what was always a disguised ‘lower class’. The so-called working class should be treated as part of the universal class and treated with the dignity given to equals!

We should also note that, after being surprised by a ‘capitalist’ privately endorsing my democratic market neo-communism, that the ‘bourgeoisie’ is a subset of the universal class and needs a path of transformation to correct equalization in the superset: our model offers an exit strategy for the bourgeoisie and provides a functionality for communist markets, entrepreneurs, managerial classes, and so forth.

We can also speak of a host of different subsets of the universal class, e.g. the military ‘classes’: how deal with the clear class basis of military castes? We should definitely ready a plan to deal with military hierarchies and move to attract the core military class with a new consciousness freed from the robotization and dumbing down of class based militarism, etc…

The universal class is an equivalent and replacement for the ‘middle class’ under the conditions of neo-communism.

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