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The problem with theories//The ‘transformation problem’ and Marx’s crisis theory | Redline

November 30th, 2016 · No Comments

Surviving marxist theories: we have been suggesting here over and over again the need to move beyond marxist theories. The labor theory of value and the transformation problem are typical of the problem that haunts the marxist left. Who the heck even understands these theories? In a closed cult the problems are unseen as outsiders simply disregard the whole perspective. We need a post marxist neo-communism based on independent principles that are clear, simple and easy to communicate: the basics of a postcapitalist neo-communism. The labor theory of value is one of the most confused discussions on both sides, leftist and capitalist, a discussion rendered still more confused by the sophistries of marginalist economics.
Theories seemed brilliant in the earlier era of scientism, but now they can only provoke opposition in critics who will win the arguments. The solution is act according to principle, not the application of theories to society.

by Michael Roberts The annual London Historical Materialism conference is not just or even mostly about Marxist economics.  As its name suggests, the sessions are about Marxist analyses of all soci…

Source: The ‘transformation problem’ and Marx’s crisis theory | Redline

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