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R48G: Not Our President: we no longer have a functional political system…and a planted joke for ‘not our president’…

December 10th, 2016 · No Comments


It is appropriate and justified to consider that we no longer have a functional political system and that the remedy has become revolutionary regime change. And the only real option for that is a transition to postcapitalism. And that requires an updated and fully coherent version of communism, this time in a form that is a reasonable alternative to the failed earlier version. I think that our Two Manifestos are a start and can in principle do the job: the trick lies in a balance of opposites that is appealing to the overall spectrum of classes and which embraces a transition to a communist foundation. The confusion of the past versions was to equate communism with a planned economy, by definition, but we can propose a complex mixed system of planned, semi-market and semi-anarchist sectors. Given the emerging crisis of climate change and barring some kind of geo-engineered ‘hail mary pass’ we need some kind of immediate intervention and revolutionary transition.

We keep repeating this over and over since I can’t expect to personally lead such a movement: I can only point to the way an implied political despair shortchanges all platforms, mostly into social democratic compromise.

We do not have to consider Mr. Trump a serious instance of the presidency in any sense. We have discussed elsewhere the strong ‘rumors’ of occult manipulation with this joker. I think this operation was botched because it was found out, or so I am told, and that Trumped has been dumped into the mix to discredit democracy and/or to generate a catastrophe. The situation has gone into reverse as a crypto-fascist starts seeding revolution from the left. This can be conspiracy theory paranoia so I can only whisper in passing. I think the current generation of occult fascists are incompetent imitators, so perhaps we can forget them, save only to indulge in some real paranoia as to the loose cannon let loose: the Trump idiocy unleashed…
We can’t fully verify that although we can zero in to some extent: this is a serious rumor, whatever that is. The point is to consider the potential danger if that might be true and be wary of sudden catastrophic injections. This makes no sense in public discourse so we hint in passing but make no direct claim simply proceeding with out front political givens: here a bizarre lunatic so unexpectedly appears and we ironically are given an imperative to revolutionary action. That could be another set up: the original fascists were remorphed from the left (Mussolini was a socialist to start, remember). But we are alert to this game and can proceed with a postcapitalist action with many built in failsafes.

What other options do we have? We have less than a generation, less than a decade on climate issues. Let us consider those other options, but not fail to study, prepare, and top-desk the revolutionary option, alert to all its particulars, dangers, and liabilities…A revolution will happen of its own accord with the momentum generated by a lunatic right, in the US, and the coming endgame of globalization. It is very unlikely that the usual activist initiatives will come to fruition so the ‘last option’ is rising to the top of the list.

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