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R48G: real versus ‘as if’ revolution, and the soon arriving equivalence of the two

December 15th, 2016 · No Comments

Our radical hothead post reposted below from two days ago got six thousand views, so we have touched a nerve (in part it was also the post on darwinism)…
It is useful to consider both the serious possibility of real revolution and to consider an ‘as if’ stance that can unwittingly or not provoke a non-linear induction of change as a ‘mere’ idea in potential. We also confront the dangers of statements about illegal operations in a period of rising authoritarianism…
In relation to the ‘as if’ revolution we must without delay formulate an emergency revolutionary potential held in reserve: the crisis we face and the reality of Trumpism have tabled the need for a script of revolution, and an intervention at the point of planetary endgame. Virtually none of the slow evolution movements have gone anywhere since the lone success of MLK. In fact, the power of the State is so overwhelming we retreat to safe options. But that is just the point: because that power is overwhelming the need for some yeast to bread version of opposition is needed just to assess our true position. In any case the ‘as if’ revolution is quite legal free speech. And even in a virtual mode it points at once to the problems with an ongoing ‘with the system’ activism.

We have recommended classic legacies, but reworked to break mechanized habits and allow a fresh casting of the fundamentals. The marxist legacy typifies this situation: it is both as relevant as ever and obsolete. We have suggested it is confounded by excessive theory and a nineteenth century economics. It is easy to correct such a state of affairs but the resistance of given cadre will prove daunting.
We suggested a focus on the classic saga of the 1840’s, the gestation of communism and the revolutions of 1848: the prophecy of the coming ‘last revolution’. This gesture should be the focal point of the continuing democratic revolution that has inspired modernity, subject to the insight that democracy has become the step child of the bourgeois revolution and must become true democracy in the creation of a larger framework. The latter idea is again a notion of our heroic period of the 1840’s. The problem of course as the Leninists soon discovered is that this ‘true democracy’ is polarized with the need for a strong authority to generate and guard a revolution. We should without apology do both at once, and be sure the twin processes are balanced in our thinking.
We have attempts to balance opposites, such as our democratic market neo-communism: this at once rescues thinking from shallow social democratic initiatives by creating a foundation of the expropriation of private property and points to a hybrid of communism with liberalism: let us detect and correct in advance the clear muddle of, viz, the Russian Revolution with its bourgeois then bolshevik phases. We must be ready in advance with a hybrid that unifies the two: democracy and communism in the context of a strong revolutionary authority need to happen in the same phase. Especially now in the wake of the discredit thrown on leftist history by Stalinism: the revolution must understand and balance the twin processes that wreck revolutions: the movement toward a semi-anarchist increase in freedom and the movement to create a new form of the state, the latter the possible undoing of everything.

In general the emergence of communism with Munzer actually preceded the onset of Lockean ‘democracy’ in the wake of the English Civil War. In general we remain in the same phase of trying to realize the democratic revolution of the early modern after the characteristic betrayal that has bedeviled all attempts and we have simply reissued the general analysis of the 1840’s french radicals taken up by Marx/Engels: that socialism could become the key to the real democratic revolution. This is hardly original despite the deliberate effort to reissue jargon in a new vocabulary: it it the tide of 1848 all over again, hopefully rescued from opaque marxism/lenism (with a judicious look at Bakunism/anarchism).

We can proceed with the evolutionary path and an ‘as if’ revolution and circumstances will force our hand, I would wager, as the ‘as if’ becomes alarmingly realizing. We can see the effect already with the question of climate change and Trump: the sudden radicalization of our situation is inexorable.

We have desperate planetary circumstance and a momentary triumph of the irrational, viz. Trump. What is that telling us? The situation is no longer so ‘as if’. But revolutions are not linear events. We must attempt to both exploit in the right sense and redirect the spontaneous revolution which usually destabilizes the ‘ancien regime’ with an honest program that is explicit about both authority and freedom.
additional notes:

Our discussions of neo-communism are too focused on the classic take on the subject. The situation we confront is a highly complicated system in place, one we suspect has been ruined beyond repair. The confusing fumble over slavery at the dawn of the republic was the first premonition of the flawed character of the subsequent history. From that point an expansive collection of states thence an imperialistic degeneration was followed by the defeat in the immense victory of WWII. You can see the arrogance gestating in the war films of the time: too much power, a situation made worse by the onset of covert agency social mutation, thence the neoliberal reaction, etc…

So what we confront now is a highly complex system in motion we could hardly hope to modify, save that we must if we are to really deal with the crisis at hand and refound a democracy.
The issues are of course:
the imperial mode
the internationalization of capital
free trade and its contradiction
lingering endemic racism
the wreckage of the working class
and yet the global core of the real working class which is a de facto part of the american system with no representation
covert agencies and their ops, the JFK assassination to the 9/11 false flag creation of the war on terror, and the drug war
the milit-industrial complex
the abuse of the latter to create wars to fuel the economy
the entrapment of the military in complex social conform
the contradictions of patriotism…etc….

The larger issues of this type would try to find rebirth even in a system of postcapitalism, and the clear danger is an imperialisti ‘socialism’ based on a new set of classes…

But the situation is not hopeless: a true revolution is precisely that which can deal with new foundations.

From a few days ago: R48G: Point of No Return


We need to support any number of progressive initiatives but it is also time for a radical vanguard to try and initiate something more radical still. We are losing the option of working in the system, not that we shouldn’t continue desperately to try: after the entire effort of Sanders et al we have accomplished nothing save to lose four more years. Let us acknowledge that for the moment 350.org can do more than spastic revolutionaries, but we can at the very least remind the powers that be that this represents a reflection of real crisis: a threat to their power…
To the powers that be, we say: you have willfully endangered a species and a planet and cannot face reality. The rest follows.
Let us state the question…as a set of questions, which means they appear from external sources and may or may not be supported here (see my lawyer, etc…): these are not open suggestions and would require generals in a publicly constituted revolution ‘army’.

Strong and stronger public demonstrations, marches on Washington
germinal guerrilla warfare operations, meaning what?
carbon infrastructure sabotage
extreme exposes of the criminality of the US gov, covert agencies and military
Open criminal trials dealing with the evidence…
What else? We endorse nothing unilaterally, but I think we can rightly say as much to ‘scare’ the dot-govers: you face the end of the line one way or the other: climate catastrophe or intervention…The real ops have a count down…starting when?
and waiting, as the tide turns against the current system. The flooding of Miami and New York should help to focus thought…

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