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R48G: confronting/confronted by revolution: ‘not our president’: an invalid election?

December 19th, 2016 · No Comments

The US has been mutating for the last seventy years into a deformed pseudo-democracy and now at the conjunction of Trump and climate change we see this system becoming a danger to humanity and the planet.
We can and should find the means to a revolutionary reset that can bring the US to sanity, some kind of justice and a more benign stance toward the external globalization of society and economy.

The theme is emerging from the unconscious as it were, viz. in the phrasing by Sanders of his ‘Our Revolution’. We compulsively sense our situation and invoke ‘revolution’ as the path beyond it.

The marxist world is strangely inert and unable to respond and yet its canon remains relevant to the whole question: we should produce an instant update that is streamlined beyond the less than usual dated aspects of that legacy.
We must not think in terms of ‘marxism’ or Marx but instead recast the issue of a neo-communism that can reconcile multiple aspects: communism, planned economies, markets, anarchist sectors, political power and democratic freedom, rights and liberties next to the abrogation of Lockean property rights given absolute power in the capital zone, a calamity that has blinded the whole of american society to the point that climate disaster is beyond perception. We confront and are confronted by the stark necessity of revolutionary ‘something’.

We don’t have much time left: therefore it is essential to at least try to think in terms of the jolting disconnect of a real regime change. We are not going to stop the Trump calamity with four years of hand wringing and ‘say please’.

We have extraordinary grounds for political disconnect, the most recent being the outrageous way the FBI and Putin have manipulated a now invalid election. That and the pledge by Trump to destroy the environment demand in good conscience something more than the usual activism.

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