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5 degrees of warming? welcome to once and future Trump land…in trumpland we are dead, our lives forfeit

December 21st, 2016 · 1 Comment

We confront a situation bad enough as is, but now compounded with the moronic idiocy of Trump and his legion whose stance on climate change will almost certainly drive the system beyond 2C, and this itself triggering feedback loops pressing onward to four, five degrees, or worse. And that is the apocalyptic scenario.

Our invocation of revolutionary action is therefore not a wishing well game of abstractions. We have to take action in some way, and create a vehicle that can do that. Since we are likely dead we can choose the path to that death. Invoking further growth to create a socialist working class anew is a species of wrong thinking. We need to dismantle the whole automobile industry and all its jobs (which might be recycled in part), OK? got that? The old left is blind at this point. But with a little thought we could get arguably a whole different version of the working class in support for a postcapitalist transition. There are no real options left in the traditional capitalist version.

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